Before I Make My Profitable Gift,  I hereby attest to the following conditions:

1.  I understand that the loan I am taking out with Justice Trading Ltd is a full recourse loan and I fully intend to settle my debt with them before or when the term is up.  

2.  I do understand that the CRA will most likely audit the Propostion Life program to ensure compliance and will likely issue a reassessment for my donation tax credits, potentially without finding a compliance issue.

3. Because of 2. above, I agree to join with  Profitable Giving Canada (PGC) as a program subscriber for the Proposition Life program and make a financial contribution.  I trust PGC to provide assistance and defence from any CRA actions that might jeopardize my Profitable Gift.  

4.  I understand that if the CRA issues a reassessment, and I file a Notice of Objection,  that process will classify the tax as"in dispute"   For years subsequent to 2013, the CRA has the right to collect 50% of the tax in dispute until such time as thedispute is settled.