Donate Through Proposition Life

Here is How the Donation Process Works.

1.  You purchase a Donation Gift Certificate  (similar to a Gift Card)  redeemable for life saving pharmaceuticals from Justice Trading Ltd.  You purchase the Credit Certificate on credit, by completing a loan agreement.  
2.  You Donate the Credit Certificate to the Charity of your choice from those charities who have joined the Proposition Life program.  The Charity will issue a charitable donation tax receipt for the full face value of the Credit Certificate.   You also make a smaller cash donation to the Charity and get a donation receipt for that as well.  The cash donation is to assist the Charity with delivery and administration of the pharmaceuticals.  
3.  The Charity will redeem the Credit Certificate for life saving medicines from Justice Trading Ltd.  and deliver themthroughout the world.
4.   You get a tax credit for the amount of your donation when you file your tax return.  It will be a Profitable Gift for you. 
Watch the 9 Minute Video for Complete Details on Making a Profitable Gift through Project Life