Regulation and Defence

Not only is the Proposition Life program registered as a Gifting Arrangement with the Canada Revenue Agency , it is Registered and Regulated by Profitable Giving Canada (PGC).   PGC serves as a Co-Regulator with the CRA to ensure compliance and full disclosure of all program details.  PGC also provides an Accreditation Process for all individuals who promote and sell the program to Canadians.  

Because of the Profitable Giving and Gifting Arrangement status, it is highly likely that the CRA will audit the program to ensure compliance with the tax laws of Canada.  In the likely event that the CRA issues a reassessment to donors to deny the donation tax credits, Profitable Giving Canada will act on behalf of the donors as a Class to file appeals to the Tax Court of Canada if necessary.  In order to fund these appeals,  each participant is required to pay a Program Membership fee to PGC in order to participate.  It is a one time Program Membership fee, not an annual PGC Membership fee.